Many things in life just don’t make sense

Now that I have reached what I call the “old bag status” of life, I find myself becoming ever more confused about many things for which I cannot figure out an explanation. I’m wondering if my sense of logic is failing me.

For example, a lovely lady I know adopted two children and raised them to be responsible, productive adults. Recently, this same lovely lady submitted an application to a pet rescue organization to adopt a dog. She was rejected. Huh?

Many have publicly criticized the growth and building of gambling casinos in New York, calling it an evil that destroys people. My confusion comes from the fact that some other evils, such as alcohol consumption, destroy more people, jobs and families than gambling. Yet you don’t hear much complaining about that. On the contrary, it’s almost glorified.

It seems to me that some people vilify those among us who buy foreign cars. Here’s my point of confusion: Why is it OK for carmakers to ship work overseas to save money (thus increasing their profits), but it’s not OK for our citizens to try to save some money when they buy a foreign car? And why is it OK that three different American car models I’ve owned (Ford, Chevy, American Motors) were all made outside of the United States? I guess I’m supposed to feel better knowing I’m driving an American car, but somehow I don’t because I know full well that every piece of clothing I’m wearing was made elsewhere, but no one seems to mind that so much.

I could go on and on, but I think you get the point.

Pat Russell