Money wasted in court could have gone to horses

The old Chinese proverb that a “picture is worth a thousand words” couldn’t be more appropriate and compelling than seeing the photographs of Aurora resident Beth Hoskins’ emaciated Morgan horses.

One of the pictures shows an underweight animal with bald patches on its hindquarters and belly, skin lesions, its sides and legs crusted with hardened filth and large sections of its mane clearly missing.

SPCA officials say that some of the horses were starving and standing in 3 feet of their own filth and manure. About 50 cats were also found in a 10-by-12-foot shed reeking of urine.

Apparently, a woman of wealth and means and financially capable of taking good care of those animals instead spent more than $350,000 on her defense in an attempt to deflect the indictments brought on by the SPCA, which charged her with animal neglect and cruelty. Subsequently, the SPCA spent $900,000 of an already stretched budget for the care and feeding of her animals after confiscating them from those wretched conditions.

After viewing the photographs, the only rational conclusion that one can arrive at is that those animals were patently denied sufficient nutrition, attention, a sanitary environment and proper veterinary care. They were living in deplorable conditions as a direct result of her apathetic attitude toward the very animals that she assumed responsibility for.

The best legal team in the world would have found her position indefensible, and yet she is going to pursue “round two” on an appeal of her 52-count conviction.

James M. Galbo