Democracy is impossible when religion is involved

Here we go again – another “revolution” in Egypt. When are people, all people, going to realize that a theocracy is not a democracy?

One needs no further clues to know that a political party called the Muslim Brotherhood is going to favor Muslims. Religion does not lend itself to rational debate, based on common sense, but is influenced by the faith of the believer. Each religion has its own rules and practices and “ne’er the twain between faiths shall meet.”

It makes no difference what the religion: Egypt, a “Muslim” nation; the United States, a “Christian” nation; Israel, a “Jewish” nation. We must realize that a true democracy requires complete separation of religion from government.

Let us stop supporting these theocracies pretending to be democracies. Our forefathers knew this with our very First Amendment: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion …”

David F. Baker