Where in the Falls is the development?

In recent headlines, Niagara Falls Redevelopment has come out to reclaim their accomplishments. Back in 1997, as part of a redevelopment agreement, they signed the contract to develop the 440 parcels in the downtown area. Now fast forward to today’s time. Their property is about as empty as from the day they took it over. I will give them the benefit of keeping up with the property and paying taxes.

My question is where is the development? For years you have heard from this company that the city was difficult to work with. How difficult can it really be? Carl Paladino came in and developed a five-star hotel and is worth about half of what the owner of NFR is worth. You have other developers moving in to develop other properties as well.

This recent headline in the papers is nothing more than a face wash. Paying in $5.6 million in taxes doesn’t put a dent into the budget for the City of Niagara Falls. Think about what a good development deal would do for the city. The amount of jobs it could create with good- paying salaries. The owner of NFR has a lot of ties. You are telling me you can’t come up with one development deal?

They signed under an agreement to develop. Now is the time to tell them to get to work or get out.

Dominick Cianchettu Jr.

Huntersville, N.C .

Before Lewiston vote, ask yourself questions

There will be a special election at the Lewiston Town Hall on July 15 (Monday) for a proposed community center for the area. Prior to voting, residents need to ask:

• Can you afford it? The request for bonding is $8.2 million for Greenway funding with estimates to be $9.2 million with the town draw of $430,000 per year over a 30-year period. This comes to $12.9 million.

There is no cost for administration or operation within the proposal. There is a large gap of funds for ongoing services.

• Why this site? The project is planned on land at the Lewiston-Porter school grounds just two miles from the Town of Porter. Lewiston is 62 square miles, and the Town Hall is built at the center of the town.

Ransomville, Sanborn and the larger area of the town will not be center for the facility. There are many park sites that could be researched within the town. We are paying $50,000 to the school for land, which was already paid for by the taxpayers.

• Who will benefit? Positive response has been from those who will benefit from the project. Contractors, sports representative, school employees and volunteers, as well as Town Board members. Children will have a site to play sports and train. A management company stated that this would be a costly operation.

The proposal did not mention revenues coming from such activities.

Ask yourself these questions before you vote. Can Lewiston support such a long-term project when the community looks back and says what did we do?

Margaret Conaway