Perillo family grateful for community’s support

My daughters and I would like to acknowledge the kindness, love and support of family and friends following the death of my husband, Matt Perillo, last month.

It’s a little overwhelming trying to recognize all the folks who have touched our lives in these past 18 months, so we would just like to say thank you for all the ways people have showed they care.

The strength and courage Matt showed during his ordeal is something we will now draw on to help us cope. We are deeply grateful to Matt’s fellow basketball and football officials, to all the medical professionals who assisted him during this battle, to all those who made generous donations and to the Lancaster and West Seneca communities.

Matt never gave up and neither will we. Thank you for keeping us in your thoughts and prayers.

Karen Perillo


Bisons haven’t been playing to potential

Classic underachievers. This represents the current edition of the Buffalo Bisons. This team should be battling Pawtucket for the division title, not struggling to keep up with the contenders. The talent is here for success. After a hot start, the team plummeted because of lack of offensive punch. Several veterans are not hitting the way they are capable of hitting. Games are being squandered; good pitching performances are going down the drain.

This must stop now.

John Poole


Regier wasn’t kidding about fans suffering

It has been 2½ months since the end of the Sabres’ season. Since then, fans were warned to prepare for some suffering. So what has changed?

Well, for starters, the GM is the same and he must be on summer vacation.

Apparently, Darcy didn’t want to go through the interview process more than once, so we will be stuck with a ‘yes’ man whose only NHL experience before last year was watching his brother play for another team.

Maybe Ron Rolston is a good teacher and the right man for the job, but I would have felt better about the hire had the Sabres just talked to a couple other candidates.

It was thought at the end of the season that Ryan Miller played his last game as a Sabre. Boy do I feel foolish. Darcy has a track record of overvaluing his players, so I’m guessing he wants no less than Crosby and Malkin in return for Miller.

Jochen Hecht retired, so that is addition by subtraction. Nathan Gerbe was waived, so the offense is taller. Vanek had 41 points and the team scored 125 goals, so if he goes, who picks up the slack? Steve Ott injected a little heart into the forwards last season, but the core players are just not interested in competing for 60 minutes a game.

Sekera has finally been given his walking papers. He cannot be physical in Carolina. Pardy’s now in Winnipeg. I hope Tallinder can fix Myers, but like every year, the Sabres are lacking toughness on the blue line.

I guess when Darcy said we’re going to have to suffer, he meant we’re not changing anything, so you’re going to have to suffer again next season.

Can anyone tell me what exactly Darcy does?

Scott Chorazak


Sabres won’t be challenging for much this season

As Sabres fans gear up for another exciting non-playoff season, I can only think of all their hard-earned money going down the drain.

The recent draft yielded some promising players, especially on defense, but what impact will they have this season?

I’m still waiting patiently on what will happen with Miller and Vanek, two guys who probably have their designer clothing packed and ready to go already.

I sort of miss Lindy Ruff’s rants and raves and his animated style behind the bench. Ron Rolston is so stiff and professorial behind the bench, he reminds me of Dick Jauron with glasses. Just once this season I’d like to see him get a little mad, excited or something other than hand-on-chin.

I don’t see the Sabres challenging for anything this season except personal statistics.

Sorry, Sabre fans.

We all realize the Sabres are not going to win the Stanley Cup next season, not as long as my beloved Chicago Blackhawks are still in the league.

Ronald R. Pecoraro


Tallinder is back, but never should have left

The Buffalo Sabres have brought back defenseman Henrik Tallinder. Why did they let him go in the first place along with Toni Lydman? These players who have experience were let go and the Sabres needed them badly. These kind of moves are what kept the team from making the playoffs.

As long as you have Darcy Regier making these kind of calls, you wonder why they don’t go anywhere.

John Jendrysek

Orchard Park

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