Government’s policies take away our freedom

As America celebrated its 237th birthday, I enjoyed with others the songs that speak of freedom and liberty that we enjoy as citizens of this great nation, and rightly so. Then it occurred to me: How can we be so free if our government is forcing Catholic institutions and many faith-based business establishments to include contraception, sterilization and abortion-inducing drugs in their health insurance coverage under the Health and Human Services mandate? As a result, employers have a choice to violate their beliefs, face crippling fines or drop health coverage all together with the risk of an annual steep fee per employee. What kind of freedom is that?

Our governor is even attempting to lengthen, to full term, the time in which abortions can be performed. Even life begins because a baby fights for freedom. Every child deserves the chance to change the world. Abortion is intrinsically wrong on all levels, but full-term abortions are unconscionable. What kind of freedom is that for the unborn? When abortion is eliminated and our government ceases to force its insurance mandates that violate religious freedom, then we can really be free to sing, “let freedom ring.”

Judith Downhower