LOCKPORT – A North Tonawanda man, who was to have been the first person admitted to Niagara County Veterans Court, will undergo a psychiatric examination to see if he is mentally competent to stand trial on an assault charge.

Assistant Public Defender Charles F. Pitarresi made the request for the psychiatric examination Thursday in Niagara County Court on behalf of the now-homeless Michael D. Rados, 59.

Rados is charged with second-degree assault for allegedly striking a woman who was living with him in the head with a backscratcher made of bamboo Aug. 31.

County Judge Sara Sheldon Farkas had allowed Rados to be out of jail last month to get some alcohol treatment, but he missed his next court date and therefore was jailed without bail.

Assistant District Attorney Laura T. Bittner, who made a plea offer to attempted second-degree assault, said it was the fourth time that Rados had failed to appear on the assault charge.

Pitarresi said, “He had a desire to enter Veterans Court. He still does, but he was not able to follow through.”