BDGA Junior Interclub

O’Connor Division

at Niagara Falls CC

Juniors: Transit Valley 232, Westwood 236. Individuals: Marc Holzhauer (Westwood) 74, James Spanbauer (Niagara Falls) 76, Chris Yustin (Transit Valley) 76, Keelan Sinha (Transit Valley) 77, Mark Lesinski (Westwood) 78. Subjuniors: Niagara Falls CC 252, Lancaster 291. Individuals: Tom Elia (Niagara Falls) 76, Jack Lalley (Brookfield) 82, Kevin Halpern (Westwood) 84, Jonathan Hepfer (Niagara Falls) 86, Curtis Petschke (Lancaster) 88.

ELKDALE: Ladies Open Best Ball — 1st flight: Cindy Haas and Marie Simons 64. 2nd flight: Sharon Birtcil and Danell Sowrers 62. 3rd flight: Jeanne Depke and Marilyn Tompkins 70.