Quit bullying Rumore and Buffalo teachers

If The News really wants to see the Buffalo Public School District excel, it needs to start promoting a workable solution to the education crisis in the city. It can start by stopping its and Carl Paladino’s attacks on Buffalo Teachers Federation President Phil Rumore. Rumore is the elected president of the teachers union and not the elected anything of Buffalo school children or parents. And Rumore donates a lot of money to schools and Buffalo charities.

Buffalo has gotten away with not supporting its schools at the expense of suburban taxpayers, who sacrifice to support the education of their children and the City of Buffalo. Why should city taxpayers expect suburban residents to subsidize them? The state of New York and the federal government pay about 75 percent of the Buffalo Board of Education’s spending.

If Buffalo doesn’t want the gravy train to end, at least let suburban taxpayers make the financial decisions for the city. Less bullying of teachers and their union is the answer.

Frank Austin

Orchard Park