Send ‘Prickly City’ creator back to the drawing board

I understand the rationale for trying to balance any perceived political leanings on the comics page, but “Prickly City” is either giving conservatism a bad name, or showing the movement’s true character. It is mean-spirited, shrill, shallow, repetitive, factually erroneous, boringly predictable and solely political.

“Doonesbury,” which “Prickly City” presumably counterbalances, is a sophisticated, character-driven and fact-anchored critique and satire of all aspects of American culture, both progressive and conservative – and it’s actually funny.

Poor “Prickly City.” It isn’t a fair fight. The only amusement in “Prickly City” is watching its creator pretzel himself to excoriate the Obama administration on Bush-rooted issues that he was silent on during the Bush years. The News should use the space for paid political ads, as that seems to be “Prickly City’s” real function.

Ed Taylor