Two appointments for teachers on special assignment drew criticism from several Holland School Board members Monday who questioned stipends for work performed during the day when those individuals also are receiving their full salaries as teachers.

New board member Brian Jones wanted to know why Allan Bett, director of health and physical education, was receiving a stipend for his role as dean of students when those duties are performed during the first period of his workday.

Meanwhile, Kelleen Kensey questioned a $6,500 stipend to Timothy Buckenmeyer, functioning as the district’s new athletic director, when his predecessor got none.

“He’s getting a full teacher’s salary but not teaching full time. I believe the district got written up by auditors in the past for that,” Kensey said. She said board members were under the impression the district had moved away from that kind of agreement.

Board member Judy Geer suggested they review the Holland teacher contract to determine if the district is locked into the special assignment stipend arrangement.

In another matter, interim Superintendent Sylvia Root bid farewell to the district at her final meeting. Root brought a conciliatory style of management to the district, which had become fractured in the months leading up to former Superintendent Dennis Johnson’s early departure. New Superintendent Cathy Fabiatos was formally introduced.

Prior to the session, at the district’s reorganization meeting, Steven Marom was elected president for the second consecutive year while Taina Armstrong-Hoffman accepted election as vice president. New board members Jenelle Nadler and Jones were sworn in.

The board also abolished small three-person subcommittees in favor of “committees-of-the-whole” with the full board in attendance.

“When we were working on the budget, our work sessions were very productive,” Marom said.

The change will affect the Finance, Facilities, Audit and Policy committees.

The Negotiations Committee will remain a three-person subcommittee with Armstrong-Hoffman, Kelly and Geer the active members.

Work sessions will be called special meetings if the board anticipates action.