Wire mesh shelving can transform a plain, ordinary closet into a really deluxe closet space. But when you are ready for an upgrade, you can recycle those mesh shelves into some pretty great storage space in your workshop or garage. The wire mesh is easy to mount on most surfaces and, because it allows for plenty of air flow, is great for moist and dusty areas. Another benefit is that you can hang a lot of things directly on the mesh or with the use of “S” hooks. It’s really inexpensive, too, so if you aren’t recycling, you can buy it new and still get great shop storage on a budget.


Q: My aunt has a nice kitchen and has some storage shelves in a corner cabinet that turn around and pull out so you can get to everything stored on them. I’ve seen the pull-out drawers, but am looking for more items like these. Where can I find something like that to add to my kitchen cabinets? – P.L.

A: Check places that sell cabinets for these. Some home centers also sell them. If they don’t have them in stock, see if they will order one or two for you. You’ll love them!

Tips from readers

Dear Carrells: My son is in elementary school now, so we buy a lot of popcorn and other fundraising treats. I love popcorn, and the cans are super for storing things in your garage or shed. The lids usually fit tight and they are fairly waterproof, too. I just spray paint them one solid color and put a label on them. I can store things like concrete mix, potting soil, fertilizer and extension cords in them. It’s a good thing, too, because I’ve got another son starting school next year! – H.S.


Dear Al: I painted the front entryway a nice cream color. It goes really well with the dining room and kitchen colors. I have found a couple of drips on the wood floors and I was trying to figure out how to get it off without taking the finish off the floor, too. I tried a variety of things, and found that mineral oil removed the paint better than anything else and didn’t harm the floor finish. It’s all up now, and the entry looks wonderful. – R.A.


Dear Kelly: I learned the hard way to do this, so I’m hoping you will print my letter to help others. If you have to remove all of the drawers from a dresser or cabinet to clean them or paint, number them or note on them where each was taken from. Many times each drawer will fit a little differently in each space, so some will not fit right if you put them in the wrong spot. I painted a dresser without doing this and am still trying to get the right drawers in the right places. It’s ridiculous! – S.J.


Dear Carrells: I am always amazed when I watch these antique shows to see what they do with odd pieces of old furniture. I do the same thing just for fun. I have an old ironing board that, with added support, is now a cool desk.

I also made a table for the patio out of three large clay pots and a wire mesh tabletop.

It’s fun to do this, especially when you have an old piece that has some sentimental value. – T.M.

A Super hint

Foam shaving cream can be used to clean a bathroom mirror. Not only will it get the mirror really clean, but it will resist fogging for quite some time, too.


If you are looking for a sealer for a variety of exterior concrete and masonry surfaces, Seal-Krete Original is a great choice. It penetrates deeply into the pores, binding sand and cement particles to form a super tough, flexible, breathable film. It will improve paint adhesion, strengthen mortar joints and even brings the color back on older painted surfaces. To find out more, go to and check it out.

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