How can city ticket vehicles parked on private property?

My 18-year-old grandson received a summons from the Parking Violations Bureau for parking his Suzuki motorcycle on my front lawn on June 26. It was not parked between the curb and the sidewalk, but on the lawn between the sidewalk and my house. His motorcycle was not blocking vehicles or pedestrians who wanted to pass. How does the Parking Violations Bureau have the authority to trespass upon private property to issue a summons? The fine was $50 and had to paid by July 4 or it would go up to $85. This is outrageous for a parking infraction.

Our street in South Buffalo has a mixture of single- and double-family homes and each home has more than one vehicle. Some have three and four vehicles. Nicholas parks his motorcycle on the lawn to keep the driveway open for my vehicle and the two vehicles of our upstairs tenant. We also have a gate across the driveway near the front of the house to keep our dogs in the yard.

Nicholas is working two jobs this summer so he has some money when he goes off to college in the middle of August. I wanted to go down to the Parking Violations Bureau to protest this exorbitant fine, but I knew Nicholas would have to take time off from his jobs to do this. He didn’t want to lose the money from his job to take a day off for this nonsense. My wife and I paid the fine for him under protest.

Is Mayor Byron Brown so hard up for money that he picks on hardworking college students to fill the city’s coffers? So much for the City of Good Neighbors!

Donald C. Graham