76 church bells

It has that kingly name, but still, Kaisertown pulls out the Independence Day stops. A friend who lives there says her house rocked with fireworks being shot off in three neighboring yards. Plus, St. Casimir’s Church went on a Fourth of July carillon blowout. The church began sedately, by replacing the customary “Hail, Holy Queen” with “America the Beautiful.” And throughout the day, like a fireworks display, it got better and better until – could that really be “76 Trombones”? Buzz called St. Casimir’s, but the office was closed, and all we got was a recording of Mass times and an announcement in Polish. Oh, and something about bingo at 7:30 p.m. Tuesdays. That’s tonight! We should go. This is party city!

Tower of power

Sam Herbert, famous for helping push through the Martin Luther King Park splash pad, is moving from water to air. He has arranged for a Friday lunchtime networking happy hour on HSBC Center’s 37th floor. It happens from noon to 2 p.m. July 19 and 26, but Sam wants us to know now, so “professional, good people” can plan. Tickets are $25 and cover a bag lunch, music, dancing – dancing! – and, of course, that view. Sam’s hat is off to the folks in the tower. “They were hesitant at first. Strange black dude comes in with this idea,” he jokes. But he turned on the charm. “I said, ‘Let’s do everything except sell alcohol, have a jamming good time. Let people come up and see Buffalo like never before. That’s what we do in New York. We party on the roof. That’s what we did in Harlem.” Get tickets at the newsstand in the HSBC lobby. Ask for Ahmed.


Let freedom ring – but not at the ice cream counter! That was the message dished out last week at the Niagara Falls visitors center. That yummy Perry’s ice cream goes so well with the view of the falls. Maybe one scoop of the special Niagara flavor and another of classic chocolate – oh, wait! The cone has two scoops, explained the young woman on duty, but only one flavor is allowed per cone. What brain freeze is this? She would not melt. It must be some new health regulation, like the Big Gulp law. If so, it backfires. We’ve been waiting for an excuse to buy two cones!

The Buzz

Goo Goo good health! The Goo Goo Dolls’ Johnny Rzeznik was so un-Buffalo on Rachael Ray’s show, asking her to describe to “the people who cook for us” how to make proper plain grilled chicken breasts. The people who cook for them, whoever they are, must be steamed. Plus, you could hear Rachael Ray regretting missed opportunities. She said: “Fabulous chefs want to show off when they have a chance to feed a hungry rock star who’s probably burning thousands of calories a night in every show. But he has simple tastes.” Sigh. … Most talked-about Fourth of July parade participant: the camel in the East Aurora parade. “I thought I was hallucinating,” said one viewer. The East Aurora parade was actually on July 3. Hump Day!


“He’s so angsty and sad!”

– Admiring Rzeznik fan, on Twitter