More than five miles of sewer mains will be lined, almost a mile’s worth replaced and 800 manholes rehabilitated as work continues on the Town of West Seneca’s sanitary sewer system.

Monday night, the Town Board awarded a contract of roughly $4.88 million to United Survey Inc. of Cleveland, the lowest of four bidders on the project. The work will be paid for under the $30 million bond approved in May 2012.

Work is being done in sewer districts 5, 13 and 20 to comply with a 10-year consent order with the state Department of Environmental Conservation. Residents of those districts have had raw sewage backups in their homes. Local waterways also have been polluted by sanitary sewer overloads that typically occur during periods of wet weather.

Last year in the first phase of the work, more than 72,000 linear feet of sewer was lined and 225 manholes rehabilitated.

The estimated cost of the second and third phases, to be completed this year and next, was $6 million. “The low bid is well under budget,” Town Engineer Richard B. Henry III noted during the Town Board’s afternoon work session.

Where lining a sewer main won’t suffice, sections will be replaced. But Henry was unable to immediately answer a question about whether a particular street is part of the upcoming work; he said the list of streets is four pages long.

“It’s all over town. There are several locations,” Henry said.

Earlier Monday, bids were opened for supplying the town with garbage and recycling totes, and the City of Lackawanna with garbage totes. The two municipalities, which joined together in seeking bids, are the last of Buffalo’s first-ring suburbs to pursue the use of wheeled garbage totes, with attached lids, to combat rodent infestations.

Six companies submitted bids, including two whose earlier quotes were rejected. Town officials sought new bids after learning that other potential bidders didn’t receive specifications in the mail.

Both of the bids rejected last month had items that didn’t meet specifications and came in with prices higher than expected.

In response to a resident’s question Monday night about the status of the tote bids, Town Attorney Shawn P. Martin said, “I have not gone through them to see who meets the specs.”