Stop blaming others for teen’s misbehavior

My observation to the June 25 News article, “Teen house party wreaks havoc, spurs action by Hamburg mom,” is simply this: Before Debi Weber left for the baseball tournament, did she:

1) Tell her friends and neighbors that she was going away and ask them to keep an eye on her daughter?

2) Tell her daughter, in no uncertain terms, that no one was allowed over and what the consequences would be if she had a party?

3) Set some rules for her daughter?

Weber is quick to point out that the four police officers “should have done more.” Really?

The article also states “the high school sophomore never intended for the night to spiral so out of hand.” Considering Facebook, Twitter and other social media, again, really?

The police officers indicate that Weber’s daughter was “extremely evasive.” Apparently the lesson that police officers should be shown respect has not been learned.

Weber says, “These kids are getting away with it, why stop?” Because it is expected that others (police and teachers) do what parents are supposed to do. Stop shifting the blame. Your child’s behavior is not someone else’s problem. It is yours.

Christine Altmann