Malone’s statement is offensive to many

In response to the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn the Defense of Marriage Act, Buffalo’s Catholic Bishop Richard Malone declared that “this is truly a tragic day for marriage and for our nation.” I disagree wholeheartedly, and believe that his perpetual views of intolerance, exclusion and discrimination bare the true sense of tragedy. The number one cause of death among gay and lesbian youth is suicide. That’s tragic! And there are societal reasons for this outcome; it’s not so simplistic, as a sinful and willful choice.

Malone claimed that the Supreme Court’s decision went against what “human reason teaches us about marriage” and spoke about the “true meaning of marriage.” I believe his explanation for these claims contradicts any sense of human reason and truth and is offensive, not only to gay and lesbian parents and their children, but also to heterosexual (married or not), single and adoptive parents and their children. His views don’t represent the views of my wife and I, as well as the many heterosexual parents in our community, some Catholic, who are trying to instill values of respect, openness and acceptance in our children.

Malone concluded his response, saying: “we pray for those who may suffer the consequences of the Supreme Court’s mistaken decision.” Well, I, along with many others in this community, will continue to advocate for and support those who are suffering from the consequences of careless and intolerant statements and views from leaders in our community.

Larry Scott