Obama leading nation in the right direction

Growing up in Lancaster, I always enjoyed the Fourth of July festival every summer with the amusement park rides, midway games and fireworks. Later, it became a great place to enjoy food and drinks with college friends and local family members. Now, in adulthood, some of us are taking our own children there for the first time. Although I recently relocated to Erie, Pa., I am still active in the Buffalo community.

Thanks to the Obama administration, I have never felt the sense of love and pride for my country attending patriotic holiday events as I do now. President Obama has truly transformed America in his first five years, and I am anxious to see more.

Health care reform will make it easier for students to carry insurance, and ensure coverage for many baby boomers approaching retirement age who are not fully prepared financially for retirement. The American automotive industry was essentially saved by Obama, and the stock market is at an all-time high as unemployment drops. Gun control is once again a national and state focus, after being ignored for so long. And his clandestine projects have helped kill Osama bin Laden, and kept America as safe as anyone could have reasonably hoped.

There will always be pending issues, like some overreaching entitlements, the need for tort reform in the medical field and the need to modernize the nuclear arsenal and improve missile defense to assure the United States is always the world’s strongest nuclear power. But no recent previous administration has changed the nation and made the improvements Obama has.

Steven Flowers

Erie, Pa.