Weinstein has supported large-scale developments

Apparently Amherst Supervisor Barry Weinstein has never heard of the phrase, “The buck stops here.” In his June 25 letter, he misleads residents in Amherst and hides from his responsibility by claiming he “has no authority to stop the development of the Iskalo Hyatt Hotel. The Town Board does not have any opportunity to vote on this matter.”

He must have forgotten that he opposed my resolution for a moratorium on large-scale developments until the planning department finished a review of our planning codes.

Weinstein had an opportunity to show leadership when the first large-scale hotel on Main Street was proposed. Instead he welcomed it and voted as a member of the Amherst Industrial Development Agency for a nearly $2 million tax break. He opened the door for the developer of the Hyatt Place down the street to say, “me, too!”

Maybe Weinstein forgot that the Zoning Board of Appeals, which lifted the decades-old height restriction on the Lord Amherst property, is composed of his hand-picked officers of the Amherst Republican Party.

The residents opposed to these projects are not, as he calls them, “anti-development.” They are simply protecting their neighborhood and property values.

From the gun club project to the two out-of-context hotels on Main Street, Weinstein has chosen large-scale developments over the wishes of the residents every time. On Election Day, the voters in Amherst will not let him forget that.

Mark A. Manna

Candidate for Amherst Supervisor