Better signage needed to prevent accidents

Here is a suggestion for the city, state and other jurisdictions with roads that carry high volumes of commercial traffic: Pass laws requiring signs on or in front of commercial buildings, legible from the roadway, that display the street number of the building. Or, if such requirements exist, because their need is obvious, enforce them.

I believe that along Sheridan Drive, Maple Road and Main Street alone, this requirement would save thousands of gallons of fuel and prevent numerous accidents and perhaps some fatalities that occur when motorists look away from the road and search the roadside for clues or non-existing signs to find locations with which they are not familiar.

Clearly, implementation and enforcement of such a requirement would not be simple. The state, Buffalo, Niagara Falls, Erie and Niagara counties and the many suburbs would have their own views and requirements to be considered, and individual building owners and commercial real estate interests would have to be heard. Of course, sign painters and sign fabricators would probably be pleased.

The cost of compliance need not be burdensome to an individual building owner, and a stiff but reasonable fine for violation should cover the costs to the governments enacting the laws.

At the same time, a critical review of the location, size and visibility of state and local street and highway signs should be conducted with consideration given to erecting more of them hundreds of feet before major roads.

Irving Rubin