LOCKPORT – The state Department of Environmental Conservation will begin work this summer on cleanup of the former Peters Dry Cleaning site at 316 Willow St., spokeswoman Kristen Davidson said.

“We’re anxious to get them in there,” Mayor Michael W. Tucker said. He said he expects an asbestos removal contractor will be hired first, followed by demolition and soil cleanup.

State Supreme Court Justice Richard C. Kloch Sr. signed an order Thursday, permitting the city and the DEC to have free access to the former store, clearing the way for a demolition and state Superfund cleanup.

The court order bars owner Patrick S. McFall from interfering in any way with the plan, although Kloch said the city may not foreclose on the property until the cleanup is done and a report filed with the court.

The building partially collapsed in December 2011. The site was already listed by the DEC as an inactive hazardous waste site because of dry cleaning chemicals spilled on the ground, apparently decades before McFall owned the business. McFall pleaded guilty to violating the city sanitary code for not cleaning up the debris, and agreed to pay $36,877 to the city.