• Townline Road, Daniel L. Wendt; Paul E. Wendt to Robin S. Wendt; Paul E. Wendt, $15,000.


• Oxbow Lane, Joann Broughton; John V. Szostak And Catherine D. Szostak; John V. And Catherine D. Szostak to Christine A. Buckley, $76,320.

• Townline Road, Gary A. Kroening; Janelle L. Kroening; Donald R. Kroening; Debra L. Kroening to Julie Marus; Jason H. Moe, $47,500.

• Townline Road, Mark W. Kroening; David C. Kroening to Julie L. Marus; Jason H. Moe, $47,500.


•, Michael J. Latta; Bonnie L. Latta to Richard E. Granchelli and Mary Lou Granchelli Partnership, $80,000.

• Lock St., Derek Ostrom to Timothy Skura, $46,000.

• Allen St. & Washington St., Clearvue Opportunity XIV Llc to R&M Retired Llc, $32,000.

• Akron St., Patricia A. George; Marcia J. Dale-Bennett; Kyle R. Andrews; Frances H. Crossman to Crestview Property Holdings, $19,999.

• 145 Price St., HUD to Chonte D. Hamilton, $16,555.


• Matthew Drive, Matthew Kaufman; Kathleen Kaufman to Jennifer C. Ebling; Michael C. Ebling, $182,000.

• Jeffrey Drive, John A. Delellis to Timothy M. Deacy; Carlene F. Deacy, $175,000.

• Day Road, Carla D. Terryberry; Victor L. Cleri; Christa S. Ray; Claudia L. Perkins; Curt V. Cleri; Charles P. Cleri to Nancy M. St. Laurent; Kevin C. St. Laurent, $120,500.

• Rapids Road, Timothy M. Deacy; Carlene F. Deacy to William Richard Wyles Jr., $120,000.

• Campbell Blvd., Sharon L. Brown; Dale N. Brown to Dylan E. Watier; Teri L. Watier, $85,000.

• Edgewood Drive, Jack Allen Hey; Cindy J. Hey; Jack A. Hey to Gary M. Coppola; Judith M. Coppola, $35,500.


• Murphy Road, Mary Anne Payne; Roland J. Meincke to David Stoltz, $17,800.

• Coomer Road, Wendy G. Schlosser; Thomas E. Schlosser to Martin Schulze; Ann C. Schulze, $8,000.


• Tuscarora Road, Ronald R. Ginyard Jr.; Therese A. Ginyard to Karen A. Schmiege, $147,000.

• Crestview Drive, Elizabeth G. Felmet; Lawrence F. Felmet to Christine M. Maddalena; Christopher M. Salada, $145,000.

NIAGARA FALLS Highest price: $147,000 Average price: $56,722 Median price: $43,748 Number of Sales: 14

• Tuscarora Road, Ronald R. Ginyard Jr.; Therese A. Ginyard to Karen A. Schmiege, $147,000.

• Crestview Drive, Elizabeth G. Felmet; Lawrence F. Felmet to Christine M. Maddalena; Christopher M. Salada, $145,000.

• Cleveland Ave., Daniel P. Catanese; Renee M. Catanese; Renee Corsaro to Camille Gore; Phillip Gore, $90,100.

• 17th St., Knights Club of Niagara Falls Holding Company Inc. to Basma Merhi, $85,000.

• 2731 Pierce Ave., Janice M. Walter to Keybank, $63,368.

• Lindbergh Ave., Alfred G. Rzucidlo; Gloria G. Rzucidlo to Brian E. Veihdeffer, $52,150.

• 2449 Grand Ave., Enrico D. Liberale to Bill M. Zhuang; Linda Li, $49,000.

• 21st St., Annie Lee Mccray to Elizabeth Graham; Willie G. Graham, $38,495.

• Lasalle Ave., Little River USA Llc to Copperwood Llc, $38,000.

• Ashland Ave. & 15th St., Richard D. Pharis to Darren Quinn, $28,000.

• Ontario Ave., Tariq Khondker to MDB Property Fund, $21,000.

• Ontario Ave., Tariq Khondker to MDB Property Fund, $18,000.

• Rhode Island Ave., Malini P. Mehta; Malina P. Mehta to Buffalo Enterprises, $12,000.

• Monteagle St., John Oliver Everett; Patricia Ann Crowell to Nicholas J. George, $7,000.

NORTH TONAWANDA Highest price: $212,500 Average price: $107,897 Median price: $118,000 Number of Sales: 12

• Thomas Fox Drive West, Mark E. March; Renee L. March to Timothy P. Bakula; Jessica M. Laemlein, $212,500.

• Christiana St., Vanvoorhees Family; Jeanine E. Vanvoorhees-Bright; Paul E. Vanvoorhees; Jeanine L. Vanvoorhees to Andrew R. Ferree; Lisa M. Ferree, $140,000.

• Forbes Terrace, Mary Jane Trzeciak; Timothy N. Trzeciak to Jason S. Petrus, $140,000.

• Whiting St., Virginia Lee Smith to William Litz, $137,000.

• 268 Brentwood Drive, Mae Fannie; Fannie Mae to Jonise Caccamise; Aaron M. Caccamise, $135,000.

• Freeman St., Laura Kathryn Griffin; Kevin Kenneth Griffin to Danielle M. Barber, $122,000.

• Roncroff Drive, Rebecca C. Schicker; Brandon J. Fox to Mary Jane Trzeciak; Timothy N. Trzeciak, $114,000.

• 1090 Nash Road, Jennifer Madole; Donna L. Papoi; Donna L. Madole; Diane L. Pearson to Kevin D. Lonneville, $75,260.

• Homestead Drive, Stephanie Martin; Stephanie D. Martin to Matthew A. Thompson, $75,000.

• North Marion St. & Sommer St., Richard Rotko; Dena Rotko; Patricia Rotko; Dena Darnell to Alexandria Cole, $70,000.

• 239 Walck Road, Robert S. Cislo; Frank E. Cislo Jr. to Jeffery Shawver, $68,000.

• East Robinson St., Camille C. Sicurella to William Sitzman; Betty J. Sitzman, $6,000.


• Pendale West, Christopher M. Jones; Sharon M. Jones to Dominic H. Saraceno, $305,000.

• Mapleton Road, R.S. Seiler Homes Llc to Shelly Even; David Fricano, $55,000.


• Lake Road, Marn A. Weld to Dennis L. Levine Family Trust, $265,000.

• 1479 Lake Road, Marc J. Fita to Crestview Property Holdings, $24,718.


• 4233 Hartland Road, Lawrence W. Steimer; Donna Rice; Patricia Eick; Donna M. Rice to Verla F. Bumbarger, $125,000.

• Main St., Dennis M. Thompson to Dianna L. Deer, $123,000.


• Hartland Road, Dalice Dier; Dwayne J. Dier to Roberta J. Dawson, $135,000.

• Haight Road, Randall J. Wayner; Patricia J. Wayner to Arthur P. Sweeney; John E. Sweeney, $19,500.


• Colin Court, Andrea Ann Edward to Jason Krempa; Dawn M. Krempa, $317,500.

• Craig Drive, Mark J. Papaj; Michele M. Papaj to Christopher Brennan, $250,000.

• Schultz Road, Nicole Walsh; Ruth M. Plewniak to Kirsten Smalley; Rose-Anne Romano, $230,000.

• Nickett Drive, Nancy L. Dragonette; James J. Dragonette to Kenneth J. Sciarrino; Tina M. Sciarrino, $166,000.

• 15 Skylark Lane, DS of Wheatfield Llc to Ryan Homes of New York; Nvr Inc., $36,350.


• Wood St., Marc B. Albanese; Helen Rogers Russell to Mary C. Beaton; Steven M. Andrews, $84,500.