(Through Thursday’s games. Last week in parentheses)

1. Pittsburgh Pirates. They WILL finally finish over .500 this year. But they can do much more. (3)

2. St. Louis Cardinals. Early World Series preview at Oakland? (1)

3. Boston Red Sox. Concern growing over Buchholz and Lester adds a scare. (4)

4. Texas Rangers. Lefties never shut down Yanks in Bronx like Holland did. (8)

5. Oakland Athletics. Coliseum sewage cleaned up before Reds arrived to stink up the joint. (5)

6. Atlanta Braves. Richly deserved jersey retirement for Chipper. (7)

7. Cincinnati Reds. Are 26-14 at home but need to improve on road. (2)

8. Baltimore Orioles. Johnson leads all MLB relievers in losses. (6)

9. Detroit Tigers. Valverde accepts assignment to Toledo. (9)

10. Arizona Diamondbacks. Last 14 before break vs. teams with losing records. (10)

11. New York Yankees. Last team in MLB to lose (were 24-0) when scoring five or more runs. (11)

12. Tampa Bay Rays. Drew just 11,407 in Myers’ first home game with Jays on 11-game run. Shameful. (12)

13. Cleveland Indians. Kipnis entered weekend batting .398 in June. (15)

14. Toronto Blue Jays. Should have DL’d Melky in first place to avoid Kawasaki angst. (17)

15. Washington Nationals. Davey desperate to get Harper back in thin lineup. (16)

16. San Diego Padres. He’s still on injury rehab but we just like saying Gyorko. (14)

17. San Francisco Giants. Concern growing after losing three of four at home to Fish. (13)

18. Colorado Rockies. Cuddyer breaks franchise mark with 24-game hit streak. (18)

19. Philadelphia Phillies. Prayers for cancer-stricken ’93 hero Daulton. (20)

20. Kansas City Royals. Entered weekend just 9-19 lifetime at Target Field. (19)

21. Minnesota Twins. Call-up of Gibson to rotation is big loss for Rochester. (21)

22. Los Angeles Angels. Sweep at Comerica completed 6-0 run vs. Tigers this year. (22)

23. Los Angeles Dodgers. Stop with Puig All-Star Game chatter. It’s 25 games. (23)

24. Seattle Mariners. Riding 22-game hit streak at Tacoma, Miller called up to play short. (24)

25. Milwaukee Brewers. At least the Sausage Race is always fun. (26)

26. Chicago Cubs. At least the hot dogs and deep dish at Wrigley are great. (27)

27. New York Mets. Wheeler’s home debut today will create Harvey-like buzz. (28)

28. Chicago White Sox. Open for business on trade front for basically anyone except Sale. (25)

29. Houston Astros. Gave up 27 runs in back-to-back losses to Cubs and Cards. (29)

30. Miami Marlins. Big progress: Went 14-9 after starting 13-41. (30)