GOP still trying to pin IRS ‘scandal’ on Obama

The IRS “scandal” has no connection to the White House. On June 18, the ranking member of the House of Representatives committee that is investigating the handling of applications for tax-exempt status for organizations whose purpose is “social welfare,” including groups that we usually recognize as political entities, released the full transcript of the interview with the manager of the IRS Cincinnati office, John Shafer, a self-described conservative Republican.

His lengthy interrogation and testimony, which is available online, unambiguously exonerates the president and his administration from any connection to the alleged targeting of political groups by the IRS. Shafer’s testimony states emphatically that there was no political motivation in the delay of approval, only bureaucratic snafus. The “targeting” amounted to lumping similar groups together, with labels like “tea party,” in an attempt to process the huge increase in applications more efficiently.

Why is this information critically important? If this “scandal” could have been pinned on the president, then opponents of Obamacare could declare that this program must be scrapped, since the “corrupt IRS” will have involvement in determining who is eligible for subsidies, based on income.

Even after the release of the full transcript, Fox News continues to report on the “scandal,” showing clips of Rep. Darrell Issa falsely claiming administration involvement. Is the transcript too long or difficult for the Fox staff to read? Any wonder that its viewers still believe the president promulgated an enemies list and gave it to the IRS?

The real “targeting” is of Obamacare, by Issa. This legislation will increase jobs in all health-related fields. It will provide preventive care for millions of the present uninsured, so that fewer people will need costly ER services. Americans will be healthier and so will the American economy.

Peg Price

Grand Island