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Three sanitation workers removing garbage in an East Amherst neighborhood were taken to area hospitals Friday morning after being overcome by chemicals that had been improperly tossed in the trash.

A combination of pool chemicals and chlorine bleach caused a “cloud” that affected the workers, according to Chief Jim Lawida of the Main-Transit Fire Department.

The three workers reported trouble breathing, and were treated at the scene and decontaminated before being taken to hospitals, he said.

The incident was reported at about 9:25 a.m., when the Modern Corp. garbage truck was stopped at the northern end of Teakwood Terrace, which runs between Sheridan Drive and Maple Road.

First responders reported that the men were out of the truck and vomiting.

It was unknown where the crew picked up the chemicals, and the chief said the incident isn’t considered suspicious.

Several firefighters responded to the scene, and a decontamination area was established at Teakwood Terrace and Brian Avenue.

An area resident said police officers went door to door, advising them to keep doors and windows closed and air conditioning units off. But they did not disclose the reason for the warning, the resident said.

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