Who could stand to watch Nik Wallenda back on that tightrope, crossing that canyon Sunday night? After we got to know him here and everything? Buzz couldn’t watch. But Howard, the guy we married, did. He was mesmerized. He kept up a commentary. “Now a word from our sponsor, the nice folks at Depends.” “I wonder if those people are getting parking tickets like they did in Niagara Falls?” When Wallenda made it to the finish line, Howard was awestruck. But then he was awestruck from the start. He said: “He’s the only guy who hasn’t checked his iPhone in 90 seconds.”

Texts from the edge

Surely that will be Wallenda’s next feat, high-wire walking while texting. Although we are not sure that would be the goofiest place we would have seen someone text. Last week at Fantasy Island, we saw a few kids texting on the Tilt-A-Whirl. Can’t you relax and enjoy the ride? And last month in Manhattan, where we went to hear the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra play Carnegie Hall, Buzz visited St. Paul the Apostle Church. (We play Musical Tourist, and that is where Billie Holiday’s funeral was held.) The stylish young woman ahead of us in the confession line was texting! Gives a new meaning to the words “sacred text.”

A new Page

Steven Page, who played Thursday on the waterfront, seemed like a perpetual adolescent back when he was with the Barenaked Ladies. He would shake his chubby rear as he sang of fish sticks and Kraft dinner. Seeing Page last week, though, you could see, admiringly, that he had grown up. He wore a sports jacket, though he was sweating. Plus, you know how most bands dress like slobs, as if the musicians are audience members who just got up on stage? Page’s whole band wore white shirts and ties. Are we hallucinating? Is this the heat?

The buzz

Being a Toronto native, Page has always displayed good knowledge of Buffalo. But we doubt what he said Thursday, that he remembered the Donovan Building. He can’t remember it. It has just been redone. It’s different! … Hot temper o’the week: the woman on Niagara Street who, according to The News police blotter, allegedly threw a gentleman friend’s clothes and sneakers on the grill. A friend laughs: “Fillet of sole.” … Hot ticket o’the week: Chicago, sold out tonight at Artpark. One fan rants on Facebook: “If I don’t get a ticket I’m still going to ride my Harley up into the woods along the escarpment wooded area with my chair and listen to the show from a distance, but I will hear Chicago one way or the other.”


“Rogue priests conduct subterranean services.”

– Unforgettable headline in print edition of Monday’s Buffalo News, in story about St. Ann’s Church