Short Skyway commute isn’t worth the high cost

I couldn’t care less that Hamburg residents want to keep the Skyway so that a minute or two is not added to their commute to Buffalo. Sen. Mark Grisanti shouldn’t care either. Buffalo citizens already gave Hamburg commuters 80 more acres of land for their superhighway Route 5 than would have been required for the boulevard alternative. The boulevard design was desired by many, but commuters prevailed at Buffalo’s loss. This should never happen again, and these sins of the past should be reversed.

Along Route 5 there are 13 traffic signals in Hamburg and three in Lackawanna. Commuters can drive 55 miles per hour on Interstate 190 and Route 5 from Tonawanda to Lackawanna along nine miles of Buffalo’s waterfront without stopping at a red light. All this highway is damaging to Buffalo’s entire Niagara River and Lake Erie waterfront.

Many from Buffalo may like to get to speed up their drive to county and state beaches in the Town of Evans. How about a highway along the Hamburg waterfront so we don’t have to stop at traffic signals? I realize that people will lose homes and businesses along the water, but I don’t care. I don’t want to be driving 40 mph and slowed by 13 traffic signals.

Daniel Sack