Call him Coach

At a garage sale in Snyder last week, Buzz’s 5-year-old nephew, Georgie, was admiring a Sabres cap when the proprietor asked “Do you like the Buffalo Sabres?” He nodded. “Would you like to meet a man who used to be the coach of the Buffalo Sabres?” the woman asked. Our Georgie nodded again. She led the way into the house. Buzz’s brother George, following, wondered: Who is it? It can’t be Lindy Ruff, it can’t be Floyd Smith – it has to be Joe Crozier! And sure enough, there in an easy chair was Joe the Crow, who came to Buffalo in 1972 and assembled the French Connection. “You may call him Coach,” the woman said. Little Georgie shook his hand mutely, but Buzz’s brother jumped in with a question. “Was Gil Perreault coachable, Mr. Crozier?” he asked. Crozier lit up. “He was more than coachable!” he said. It’s true about garage sales. You never know what you’ll find.

Breaking the ice

If Lindy Ruff was not at that garage sale, where was he? A few evenings ago, Ruff turned up at E.B. Green’s with his wife and kids. Outside afterward, piano man Jackie Jocko began coaching the coach. “You don’t need them,” Jocko sneered about the Sabres. He added: “I’ve always thought you were a wonderful coach.” Ruff replied that Jocko was a wonderful pianist. “I want to be a coach,” said Jocko. “I want to be a pianist!” said Ruff. Such warmth! Mr. Ruff, rejoice that you’ve left that ice behind.

Flush with excitement

Because we are lucky enough to have little nieces and nephews, Buzz got to go to Fantasy Island, where we spent hours enjoying the Toilet Bowl. Technically this water ride is named the Cannonbowl, but everyone calls it the Toilet Bowl because it is like getting flushed down a toilet. You run up a million stairs, and then you and another person get into an innertube shaped like a figure 8, and you shoot down a chute into a big bowl. You round the bowl several times, circling the drain, and then – flush! – you’re whirled around and shot down another pipe, back to start, with your friends jeering and splashing you. The ride is funny, and the name is even funnier. Buzz heard one mom barking to her kid: “I’ll see you at the Toilet Bowl.”

The buzz

Steve Cichon, having quit WBEN-AM, is now an ordinary mortal. He was a man on the street being interviewed on TV about Parkside traffic, and not only that, he was misidentified. … A timeless tavern: At Eddie Brady’s at lunch time on Friday, Buzz saw Eddie get up, in a leisurely fashion, pick up a broomstick, reach with it over the door and nudge the hands of the Iroquois Beer clock one hour forward. Daylight saving time arrives when he wants it to. … Free Zumba alert! The Buffalo Athletic Club is holding free outdoor classes 7 p.m. Wednesdays by the bandshell at Niawanda Park.


“Do these storms look like good ones? I could go for a good thunder clap.”

– Woman on Facebook, commenting on meteorologist Don Paul’s weather map