Letter writer should show students respect

In a recent letter, a Clarence woman criticized the ethics and respect of Clarence students. I taught at Clarence High School for 39 years and worked with thousands of students in the classroom and on many out-of-school activities. These great “kids” didn’t hesitate to give their opinions on important matters, but always showed great respect for differing views. I chaperoned many dances, traveled with the mock trial team on several occasions and never in my five decades did I have any serious problems with any student being disrespectful. As a teacher, I led by example, always respecting their views and opinions.

The letter writer spoke of the disrespect for senior citizens at recent budget meetings. I am a senior citizen and active in supporting our budget as are many seniors who know what a great school system Clarence has. The letter was disrespectful of our Clarence students. They are fantastic.

William L. Shipengrover