Prosecutor did a good job in difficult Hoskins case

Assistant District Attorney Michael Drmacich’s final summation on June 7 in the animal-cruelty case against Beth Lynne Hoskins lasted a little over two hours. Everyone in that East Aurora courtroom was captivated by his definitions and explanations of abuse according to Agriculture and Markets Law.

In describing the conditions these horses were forced to endure, he put the focus on the horses and not on Hoskins. He used each form of abuse as a major talking point for his closing arguments.

He created a rating scale for each form of abuse – deprivation of food and water, major waste management issues, lack of exercise, grooming, veterinary and Farrier care. Each horse was rated by name and photos were used to highlight conditions. He also cited the immense weight gain of the horses – 100 to 250 pounds each – once they were in the care of the SPCA and their individual improvement to date. Each horse had its day in court and Drmacich should receive an animal advocacy award for his outstanding summation.

Linda Ulrich-Hagner

East Aurora