There is a more fair way to finance the government

This year marks the 100th anniversary of the Internal Revenue Service. Most people probably think it’s existed since the founding of the country. No, this scourge was brought to life with the ratification of the 16th Amendment in 1913 that enabled collection of a federal income tax (originally only to be collected from millionaires at a one percent rate). So, the IRS (and the income tax) wasn’t always with us, and it needn’t be present in our future.

If anything makes the case for eliminating the IRS, it’s the headlines in The Buffalo News and elsewhere over the past few weeks. But most folks probably think a world without the “revenuers” is simply not possible. Well, it definitely is; we simply need to enact the FairTax, a simple, transparent and eminently fair means of financing our government.

Compare the FairTax – a national sales tax – to the indecipherable, 70,000-plus-page mess that is the IRS code today. No one really understands the code, but if you have enough money and tax lawyers you can game the system to your advantage, as evidenced by the over 5,000 changes made to the code in just the past 11 years.

The FairTax bills are already in the House and the Senate (H.R. 25 and S. 122). All it will take is a loud-enough outcry from enough American citizens to get our legislators off their duffs to pass the FairTax into law. Then April 15 will be just another spring day, and the line dancing and the unfair scrutiny and harassment of any group or any American citizen will never happen again. Go to if you want to know more, and then make your voice heard by your legislators.

Ken Wyman