Business Council stand contrasts the common good

On June 2, The News printed an interview with Heather Briccetti of the Business Council of New York and an article describing our state’s lack of support for parents of severely disabled adults. One can actually appreciate how Briccetti’s SUNY education was subsidized by taxpayers and that she was later employed by New York State taxpayer-supported entities. Our government helped her in numerous ways when she was in need.

What’s really sordid is that someone in her position has become a shill for a group that continues to support discredited economic ideas that adversely affect those most in need.

Cutting taxes and blaming unions are not central tenets to healthy economic growth. Nationally recognized studies, such as MIT’s Commission on Industrial Productivity, rightfully place the blame for economic decline on company mismanagement and corporate greed.

One wonders whether Briccetti can see the disconnect between her stringent stand on taxes/state budget priorities and the difficult situation faced by parents of disabled adults. These noble people are some of the true victims of 35 to 40 years of unbridled tax cut glorification on a misguided public.

Christopher Basty

East Aurora