SALAMANCA – On the recommendation of auditors, the Salamanca Common Council has voted to spend about $50,000 for new software that would make the city comptroller’s job easier and make the city more efficient.

Cathie J. Bridges, of R.A. Mercer & Co. of Springville, called on the city to invest in the INCODE software program to give the city more of an integrated system since the city’s Board of Public Utilities moved to the system five years ago for billing and accounting.

Currently, the City Comptroller’s Office is using a custom-written program that is no longer up to date with current standards, and which cannot create the reports needed to function under current accounting standards, according to Mayor Carmen Vecchiarella.

As Council members mulled the decision, resident Louise Hyson asked where the funds would come from.

“Where are you getting $50,000, even $5,000, for this new software?” she asked. She noted that since this administration has come into office six months ago, “you have brought in a new comptroller, had to hire someone to help her, and now you want to spend this money for new software.”

The money, according to Vecchiarella, would come out of the city’s special revenue fund, which comes from the city’s casino revenue and can only be spent on specific areas. To spend the money, it would have to have some relationship to the casino.

“We have been assured that we are within our responsibility to spend some of this money for the software,” Vecchiarella said.

The city has close to $1 million in that fund.

In other business, the Council gave approval to the Seneca Nation of Indians to use Vets Park for the annual Pow Wow, July 16 though July 22.

The Council also approved the use of two part-time firefighters for the Senecas’ fireworks display on July 3. The firefighters are for public safety during the pyrotechnic show.

The Council’s next meeting is July 10.