Solar-powered traffic control signs are now blinking brightly at speeders along Parkside Avenue by the Buffalo Zoo informing them of exactly how fast they are going above the 30 mph speed limit.

Mayor Byron W. Brown and Police Commissioner Daniel Derenda unveiled the devices, strapped to light poles, this morning. They explained that the high-tech radar speed detectors often have a “calming” effect on how fast people drive once they are alerted of their speed.

Brown stressed that the units do not have cameras reading licences plates and that speeders will not be issued tickets. But Derenda said once data from the devices is analyzed to determine when the most speeding occurs, there will be police traffic details posted to issue tickets to speeders.

The northbound sign is situated by the Florence Avenue intersection and southbound near the intersection of West Oakland Place. When the sun isn’t shining, the devices, which cost $4,150, are powered by batteries.