1. The largest river in Bulgaria separates that country from Romania. Name the river.

2. Who wrote “America the Beautiful”?

3. Is the tropic of Cancer or the Tropic of Capricorn north of the equator?

4. What is the home baseball park of the Chicago Cubs?

5. In what building is the famous ceiling painting called “Creation of Man and Woman”?

6. What is the ancient name of the country now occupied by Iraq?

7. An eel is a fish. True or false?

8. The largest national park is in three states – Idaho, Montana and Wyoming. Identify the park.

9. What do the initials “OASDI” represent regarding social security?

10. The sickness scurvy is caused because of a lack of what vitamin?


1. The Danube.

2. Katharine Lee Bates.

3. Tropic of Cancer.

4. Wrigley Field.

5. Sistine Chapel.

6. Mesopotamia. The area was also Akkad, Sumar, Assyria and Babylonia.

7. True.

8. Yellowstone.

9. Old-Age, Survivors and Disability Insurance.

10. Vitamin C.