VA workers do their best to deliver quality care

As the elected representatives for the majority of the employees at the VA Western New York Healthcare System, we are proud of the care provided at this facility to veterans.

Many of us could make more money in the private sector, but instead choose to work here. We work here because we are committed to serving veterans. However, it is discouraging for all of us to see negative media coverage generated by a few disgruntled employees while bypassing all the wonderful care that is given here on a daily basis.

As with any large organization, the Buffalo VA encounters challenges from time to time. There have been several challenges lately, which were reported promptly to Washington and responded to under its guidance. Buffalo VA’s management is committed to patient care, and tries to foster a non-punitive culture of safety that encourages staff to self-report concerns.

Under the current Medical Center Director, Brian Stiller, the facility has been forthcoming with the staff and the public. Management engages the unions regularly for input on issues that will mutually benefit both the veterans and the employees.

We have a mutual interest in assuring that policies and procedures are in place so that world-class health care is delivered. This does not mean that we always see eye to eye. Grievances are filed as needed, but often resolved at the lowest level.

As representatives of Local 200 United Service Employees International Union and National Nurses United, we are honored to represent the great employees at the VA Western NY Healthcare System, who are working to provide quality care to the veterans.

Bonita Reid, R.N.


Patty Morrison, L.P.N.

Lake View