Boy Scouts decision fails to honor God

Now that the Boy Scouts of America has decided to accept gays in its ranks, the extended result is that the pro-gay voters haven taken God out of yet another group. How? The Boy Scout oath speaks of “duty to God” and upholding moral values. Well, since God’s word (not mine) says homosexuality is a sin, how can honoring God remain a part of the organization? Before someone gets all worked up, God hates the sin, not the person.

Take a look around. The more that God is removed from our daily lives, the worse this planet gets. It’s not too late to acknowledge our creator in a more prominent light, but it doesn’t come by upholding those things that he warns are wrong. This is not hate, but another wake-up call. For all our sakes, we all need to get on our knees in prayer and seek his counsel and guidance.

John Kwiatkowski