Kelly’s finest hour came during Chapel talk

I have always respected Jim Kelly’s skills and talents as a football player. Who hasn’t? But after reading about his upcoming fight with jaw cancer I was reminded when Jim and Jill spoke at The Chapel back in 2010.

The series was “Stories of Hope” and they were sharing the impact of Hunter’s life through Jill’s book “Without A Word.” It was on this day in September that Jim Kelly, stood up as a man, a husband, and as a father sharing his story and asking for forgiveness from his wife and his daughters for choices he made due to his celebrity status. He cried openly and demonstrated how a man admits that he needs to change.

Jim also discussed that marriages start to come apart when there isn’t any real communication, you don’t share or talk. Both Jim and Jill spoke about how God used Hunter to heal their brokeness.

This, I believe, was Jim Kelly’s finest moment as a husband and father. I just wish Ralph Wilson Stadium was filled to capacity with men to hear the message that day.

Thomas Ronald


Fans are smarter than Sabres’ front office

The Sabres “brain trust” are redefining that by allowing and expecting Darcy Regier to attempt to fix what he couldn’t initially accomplish via rebuilding and trading away the pieces he was convinced for years were the right pieces. He was completely wrong.

Does the Sabres hierarchy actually believe they’re smarter then the many tens of thousands of smart hockey fans who have observed this team and Darcy for years and realize he’s not the guy? Do they believe that because they’re now in charge that they’ll suddenly strike oil with a GM who has rarely hit a significant gusher in the draft or via trade in 16 years besides one losing Stanley Cup run long ago?

How does a team make draft picks and then not sign them? Isn’t that admitting they were wrong about an important draft choice after all? What makes Sabres management think these next couple years of drafts will suddenly be laced with astute hockey judgments and picks?

Mr. Pegula, you’re being given bad advice if you don’t realize Darcy is not the guy. Being nice and patient and believing you’re smarter then thousands of observant fans is one thing. Giving Darcy full control of the drawing board again is another thing.

Rick Dudley should’ve been the guy and you were again given bad advice regarding Darcy. Expect mediocre results and “more suffering” as a consequence for years.

Michael Dahar


Right now, Sabres are made for Disney

How can the Sabres win the Stanley Cup?

In the mid 1980s the New Jersey Devils were so bad that they averaged about 22 wins a season and didn’t make the playoffs for five straight years. Wayne Gretzky, the greatest player in hockey called the Devils a “Mickey Mouse” organization. The Devils turned it around and won three Stanley Cups in eight years.

Maybe the magic can happen again. Right now the Sabres are a “Mickey Mouse” organization.

William Fadel


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