If workload is too heavy, members should resign

Kevin Gaughan appeared at my door the other evening. Yes, he’s still at it, working to get local government to adapt to Erie County’s lethal combination of population loss and increasing taxes. And in November 2010, some 70 percent of Amherst residents agreed with him and approved downsizing our Town Board by two members.

I’ve always been grateful for the work that Amherst officials render our community. It’s not an easy job administering local government, and our public officials have done well. But I must register strong objection to their misguided, expensive decision to hold a second public vote on a matter in which we voters made our view quite clear. The Town Board’s attempt to disregard our instructions suggests arrogance run amok, to say the least.

As for arguments made by town officials in support of their maneuver, if the workload is too much for them, they should step aside. Smaller boards operate effectively throughout America. And there’s no reason why Amherst residents don’t deserve the same level of efficiency.

Stephen B. Voigt