VA working to provide high-quality health care

As a Navy veteran, patient and director of Veterans Affairs Western New York Healthcare System, I can assure readers that I have full confidence in VA health care and the people who work in our facilities. The quality of care we provide is documented by the federal, state and private external reviews that continuously monitor and evaluate the delivery of care we are providing. The Joint Commission, Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities, Occupational Safety and Health Administration, as well as our own VA Office of the Inspector General ensure we hold ourselves to the highest standard of care for our veterans.

As with any hospital, advanced technology, medications and equipment designed to improve overall patient care can sometimes present new challenges. To meet these new challenges, the VA encourages patients, families and employees to speak up and identify areas of concern to improve processes and systems. This culture of transparency has made the VA a leader in patient safety, electronic medical records, barcode medication administration and educating future health care providers.

I want to assure the veterans we are currently serving and those we plan to serve in the future that we provide quality care. I am committed, along with the employees at VA Western New York Healthcare System, to providing our nation’s veterans the highest standard of care.

Brian G. Stiller

Director, VA Western New York

Healthcare System