Jack Jurek of Lackawanna, who was the first-round leader, was eighth after the first round of round robin match play in the Suncoast PBA Senior U.S. Open in Las Vegas, Nev.

Jurek shot 5,779 with a 1-2-0 match play record through 27 games. Leader Amleto Monacelli of Venezuela led at 5,986 with a 1-2-0 match play record.

Bowling as a rookie this season and competing in only his second PBA50 Tour tournament, Jurek compiled a 1,888 eight-game pinfall total with games of 215, 236, 222, 255, 222, 233, 258 and 247 in the first round on Tuesday. Prior to the start of the Senior U.S. Open, Jurek won a PBA50 regional tournament on Monday at the Suncoast, which he bowled partly as a tune-up for the Senior U.S. Open.

Jurek, who has competed on and off on the PBA Tour for 27 years, says that he could be at a crossroads in his PBA Tour career.

“I’m still evaluating how much I’m going to be bowling on both tours,” Jurek said. “I feel good and feel that I can still compete but I’ve been struggling on the regular tour the past couple of seasons. My plan is to bowl the regular U.S. Open and the World Series of Bowling in the fall and then see what happens after that.”

Former Buffalo resident Tom Baker (King, N.C.) was in 19th place (5,630, 0-2-1).