Resolve bridge issues so we can move forward

Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s criticism of the Canadian commissioners and general manager for the decades of delay to the Buffalo side of the Peace Bridge appears to me to be off base.

As The News reported, the U.S. side has caused improvement delays via countless lawsuits by various citizen groups and individuals from surrounding neighbors of the Peace Bridge and other groups. Also, after a lengthy bridge design process, the winning design was rejected by a federal U.S. agency because it was claimed that the bridge posed a threat for a certain type of bird.

I believe that both the U.S. and Canadian individuals involved should calm down and recognize that past problems on both sides could have caused delays. That is history, and now it is time to move on. It is most important that our adjacent communities and their citizens enjoy the economic and recreational benefits that will be obtained when this binational project is completed.

Cuomo should stop this blame game and work to resolve the existing issues so that we can quickly move forward on this extremely important project. So many of us, on both sides of the border, are extremely tired of hearing about another delay for so many years.

Sergio Fornasiero