Cuomo’s cuts are hurting developmentally disabled

I am terrified, but praying hard for my son’s future. Joseph is a developmentally disabled boy who has one more year at Cantalician, then I just don’t know. I’ve toured day-habs and work studies that would be appropriate for Joe and there are two-year waiting lists. I love having Joe with me, but I’m getting older and he is getting bigger. There are no new group homes even being built because of Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s cuts. What is going to happen to Joe when I’m no longer here?

Amazing medical technology has enabled more and more babies to live who would not have made it 25 years ago. But they have some issues and if no opportunities are available for these kids who are now entering adulthood, all of our work to make them viable members of their communities is for naught. Can you imagine an 80-year-old mom having to kick her 50-year-old son out of the house because only homeless disabled people are being placed in the few group homes we have? It’s happening.

It’s unconscionable what Cuomo has done to the developmentally disabled – $365 million in cuts; twice that when you count matching funds. I know the books need to be balanced in Albany, but this is not the way to do it. Not by taking away from our most vulnerable loved ones.

Jolene Baller