Amherst is being run by wealthy developers

The Iskalo Hyatt Hotel planned to be put up behind the Lord Amherst has a building permit and is ready to go. All this despite rallying red-shirted opposition from the community at large and deafening silence from the Amherst Town Board. The Zoning Board gaveled the approval of almost two handsful of variances without a murmur. The Town Board sat in silence as residents pleaded for conversation and begged for a fair hearing of this massive hotel. The Iskalo project was never given a fair and open hearing. But for the voice of Mark Manna, the Weinstein-led Town Board was, and remains, mum. Well, silence is a position, too.

It is most disconcerting that ordinary citizens need to sue their town in order to have the town itself enforce the law. But this apparently is business as usual in Amherst, a place run by developers who garner favor by the liberal dispensing of campaign donations. The Amherst Town Board, and its cabal, the Zoning and Planning boards, is in full support of the Iskalo Hyatt. And their coffers are overflowing with money as a result. Just ask Carl Balmas, member of the Zoning Board and chairman of the Town Republican Party.

Michele F. Marconi