Anyone in need of parking near Delaware Park for this evening’s Corporate Challenge activity was reminded by Buffalo police Wednesday to make sure car doors are locked, and valuables of any kind are not visible in the vehicle.

Police advised placing valuables, including electronics, money, purses and wallets, in the car trunk or other safe places in the parked vehicle.

With the usual high volume of traffic expected for the race, vehicles parked in “No Parking Zones” on side streets in and around Delaware Park will not be ticketed, but police will be ticketing and towing any vehicles that are blocking driveways, fire hydrants, crosswalks or parked in handicap areas or parked on exit or entrance ramps.

With parking around the race site itself extremely limited, police and race officials recommend using off-site parking and the free shuttle service that will be available at Buffalo State College.

No parking will be permitted on the grass areas in and around Delaware Park.