Howard should enforce law while seeking to overturn it

Every so often, a group of posts to this section so mangle logic it takes your breath away. The many recent opinions expressed here that Sheriff Timothy Howard is right to announce that he will support only those laws with which he agrees are in that category.

I can’t understand the difference between a sheriff publicly stating he will ignore a recently passed law that has some large degree of public support, and a sheriff publicly stating he will arrest people for conduct that is legal, but which he feels should not be.

Howard’s actions represent a government out of control. And the folks who favor a reduced role of government in our lives ought to be the first to rebuke Howard, not honor him.

Howard has a right to protest a law. He has a right to petition lawmakers to change the law. He does not have the right to boldly and publicly ignore his oath of office. He should join the other sheriffs who are protesting the law as they enforce it. That is a responsible thing to do. If he cannot, the honorable thing to do is resign.

David Polino

East Amherst