Erie County Executive Mark C. Poloncarz on Monday vowed to return abandoned properties to the county tax rolls.

Joined by County Director of Real Property Tax Services Joseph L. Maciejewski and Town of Tonawanda Supervisor Anthony Caruana, Poloncarz met with citizens in the town who are concerned about an abandoned property at 39 Fowler St. Poloncarz outlined the foreclosure process and assured residents that the county is focused on helping homeowners avoid foreclosure while also underscoring his commitment to ensure the equitable spread of real property taxes across the county.

“We are here today to let residents who are in danger of being foreclosed on know that Erie County will work with them to help them stay in their homes, as well as to let all residents know that the county ... will continue to move abandoned properties into foreclosure sales. This gets them back on the tax rolls and strengthens all of our communities,” he added.

Erie County has foreclosed on 500 parcels since 2012 and 150 so far this year. Payment plans and properties sold on auction day have allowed the Department of Real Property Tax to recoup $14 million since 2012. An estimated $4 million is expected to be raised this year.