LOCKPORT – A homeless Niagara Falls man, who was charged with stealing a van, a purse and a wallet between Feb. 9 and 11 was sentenced Monday to two to four years in state prison by Niagara County Judge Sara Sheldon Farkas.

John R. Malicoat, 38, pleaded guilty to fourth-degree grand larceny and was ordered to repay the victims a total of $2,521 once he is released.

Farkas said she is recommending Malicoat for an assignment to the state prison system’s secure drug treatment facility, which would mean his parole in six months if treatment is successful. However, she said she doubts Malicoat is eligible because of his prior arrests and convictions.

He snatched a woman’s purse Feb. 9; stole a Dodge Caravan whose keys were left in it at a Pine Avenue gas station Feb. 10, and abandoned it at the Lockport Holiday Inn; and stole a wallet from a shelter agency staffer Feb. 11 and used her credit cards to make $746 worth of purchases.