Buffalo VA hospital provides great care

It has been very upsetting to me to read and hear about the recent negative issues with the Veterans Affairs hospital and administration. For every negative issue, there are many more positives.

I have the highest respect for Brian G. Stiller, medical center director at VA of Western New York. Stiller is an honorable and upright veteran and takes personal pride in helping every one of us. He has made himself accessible to veterans’ issues and the news media. The present administration of the Buffalo VA hospital has made this facility, which is currently undergoing many updating improvements, the first-class hospital that it is.

I was an inpatient at the VA hospital on two separate occasions in May. This, I might add, was the first experience I have had as an inpatient at the hospital. Both my family and I were very impressed with my health care. We were also impressed with the overall maintenance and cleanliness of the rooms and the entire hospital. As a patient, I have also had the opportunity and pleasure to meet and talk with many of the veterans who support the hospital and who have volunteered their time to help their fellow comrades.

Since October 2004, I have been a weekly outpatient of the hospital. I have served my country with honor, and I will continue to seek my health care needs provided by the VA.

Stephen Jack Toth

North Tonawanda