By Philip Terman

Remember the summer you read Proust? In the hammock tied to the apple trees your daughters climbed, their shadows merging with the shadows of the leaves spilling onto those long arduous sentences, all afternoon and into the evening – robins, jays, the distant dog, the occasional swaying, the way the hours rocked back and forth, that gigantic book holding you in its woven nest – you couldn’t get enough pages, you wished that with every turning a thousand would be added, the words falling you into sleep, the sleep waking you into words, the summer you read Proust, which lasted the rest of your life. PHILIP TERMAN will join poet Gail Fischer as the featured guests in the next Earth’s Daughters Gray Hair Series reading at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday at Hallwalls Cinema, 341 Delaware Ave. A professor of creative writing and literature at Clarion University of Pennsylvania, where he directs the visiting writers’ program, Terman also co-directs the Chautauqua Writers’ Festival and is contributing editor for poetry for the journal Chautauqua. His books include “The Torah Garden” (Autumn House Press, 2011), “Rabbis of the Air” (Autumn House Press, 2007), “Book of the Unbroken Days” (Mammoth Books, 2005) and “The House of Sages” (Mammoth Books, 1998). His latest chapbook is titled “Among the Scribes.”